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End of Year Charge/Check Procedures

EVERY MAY, FOOD SERVICE STOPS ALLOWING CHARGES FOR THE SCHOOL YEAR.  WE BEGIN ON THE FIRST MONDAY IN MAY. (THIS YEAR IT IS TUESDAY, MAY 1, 2018). This allows us to have sufficient time to collect the charge balances from the parents, make sure we can collect on insufficient checks and close out the school year's finances.  If a child does not have money they will be offered our alternative meal as stated in the charge policy.  A child must pay charges first before meals are purchased--if they do not have enough money they pay their charges first and then receive an alternative meal for .50 cents.


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Elementary Cafeteria Snack Bar Prices

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If you have any questions please call Danta Harbour, Roosevelt Child Nutrition Program Clerk at (806) 842-3282, ext. 750.