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Parent Portal

Parents and Guardians,

You can now check your student's grades online at any time. You will need access to the Parent Portal section of the grading program. If you need your information again, please follow these steps.
1. Send an email message to:
Elementary -   [email protected]
Jr. High -       [email protected]
High School -  [email protected]
In the subject line, put PARENT PORTAL
2. Include your student's full name, grade, birth date and SS #, as well as your name and relationship (mother, father, guardian, etc.)
These emails will be replied to on Fridays, so please be patient! Instructions for how to use the portal ID and access grades can be found below.
Thank you for your involvement!
Parent Portal Instructions
Website you will need to go to:
When you access txConnect, a login page is displayed. You will need to register as a new user.
You will be guided through three steps to complete registration.
Each step gives very specific instructions, especially when setting up the user name and password. Please make sure that you use a user name and password that you can remember. It is a good idea to write this down and keep in a secure place.
On the 3rd step you will need your child’s portal ID and his/her birth date. These ID’s must be entered exactly as they appear on the attached sheet, noting lower and upper case letters. Once you have added your child’s ID and birth date, click on the add button.
Your child’s name will show up on the right hand side of your screen. If you have another student to add repeat the previous steps. If not, click FINISH. Once finished, a summary page for your child will be displayed. This page will appear with tabs at the top giving options to view information such as attendance, grades etc. for your student.